Homeopathy Congress: Classic in the 21st Century

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Homeopathy Congress - Classics in the 21st Century

Traditionally on Ascension Day, the German Homeopathy Congress will also be opened this year, it is the 163rd Annual Meeting of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ). The patron is Heike Taubert, Thuringia's Minister for Social Affairs, Family and Health, Thuringia's State Medical Association President Dr. Mathias Wesser will address a greeting to the participants. Over 500 doctors are expected to attend the Weimar Congress in the new weimarhalle, which is themed Homeopathy - Classic in the 21st Century.

Topics for daily practice The State Medical Association of Thuringia awards 15 CME points for this very varied annual conference; The participants receive 20 further education points from the DZVhÄ for the homeopathy diploma. The topics of the congress are aimed at doctors who are in practice. Topics of the approximately 50 speakers include: ADHD; Chronic diseases of the back and the musculoskeletal system, autoimmune hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, allergies or emergencies. A special topic deals with homeopathy in the clinic, experienced clinicians present their homeopathic work in the hospital.

DZVhÄ's Weimar Declaration on Homeopathy under National Socialism Professor Robert Jütte, head of the Institute for the History of Medicine at the Robert Bosch Foundation and member of the board of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Medical Association, will speak on May 10th about homeopathy under National Socialism (NS). Following this lecture, Cornelia Bajic will make the Weimar declaration on the role of homeopathic doctors during the Nazi regime on behalf of the DZVhÄ board.

A course for medical training in homeopathy An A course will also be offered as part of the congress. Participants in the course can also temporarily visit the congress - the course and congress is a price. The A-course starts on Wednesday, May 8th.

Patient's Day On May 9th there will be a patient's day with nine doctors and pharmacists, admission is free. Among other things, the basics of homeopathy are presented, tips are given on which medicines belong in a homeopathic medicine chest and how they are used to treat minor injuries and illnesses.

The entire scientific program, the supporting program and much more information can be found on the congress website. The program of the 163rd Annual Meeting of the DZVhÄ can also be downloaded from the website. The three conference days can be planned well with the help of the clear time and space plan of the booklet. Information at www.homoeopathie-kongress.de. (pm)

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