TCM: Chinese medicine works for neurodermatitis

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Chinese medicine knows a way out of the itch scratch spiral

Atopic dermatitis affects around four million people in Germany, including numerous children. Many try to relieve the constant itching by scratching. But salvation is usually short-lived: the unbearable itching returns, often more than before, because scratching damages the irritated skin even more. In search of permanent improvement, those affected increasingly rely on Chinese medicine. Rarely is there a disease in which the differences between Chinese medicine and conventional medicine emerge so clearly. Because while the latter focuses its attention on the skin organ and primarily alleviates symptoms, the holistic view of Chinese medicine focuses on the cause.

According to Chinese medicine, the causes of neurodermatitis are not in the skin. Instead, it acts as a pressure relief valve that the organism uses to rid itself of inflammatory processes. “They usually date back to early childhood,” says Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the Gerolzhofener Klinik am Steigerwald. "Neurodermatitis sufferers have often experienced a large number of uncured infections and, for example, due to premature medication, hindered important cleaning processes." Those who do not go through all of the infections hinder the elimination of metabolic toxins through coughing or runny nose. As a result, they accumulate as flammable slags - Chinese medicine also speaks of "cloudy heat" - and move into the skin. “Patients scratch themselves until the body excretes blood and lymph, and with them toxins. Neurodermatitis thus provides relief from the excruciating itching in the short term, ”says Dr. Schmincke continues.

However, in order to permanently alleviate symptoms and eliminate causes, Chinese medicine uses its most important method - drug therapy. After extensive investigations, TCM experts create an individual formula for the patient. Based on Chinese raw medicinal products, decoctions arise from decoction, which patients consume throughout the day. Therapists regularly check the effects on those affected. "Above all, cool, blood-cleaning formulas help to dissipate the cloudy heat," explains Dr. Schmincke. Needling heat-cooling acupuncture points also helps in the acute treatment of neurodermatitis attacks.

If you are a little bit reluctant to eat, you can help improve your symptoms yourself. Patients with atopic dermatitis are best to take animal protein in the form of meat and milk protein products such as milk, cheese and curd cheese with caution and avoid them completely in severe cases. This curbs the accumulation of inflammatory products. “For some patients, a disturbed tension balance is at the forefront of the disease. Here it is important to reduce stress factors that overwhelm the inner clarifying and processing forces. Meditative Qi Gong exercises and Tuina massages help to relax and harmonize the mind and spirit, ”concludes the TCM expert. (pm)

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