Lavender oil alleviates anxiety and restlessness

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Lavender oil preparation alleviates anxiety and restlessness without the risk of addiction

“When looking for the right herbal medicinal product, consumers should not just look for the medicinal plant
who made it, ”emphasizes Prof. Dr. Theo Dingermann, Frankfurt. "Because the individual products sometimes differ dramatically." The lavender oil is a good example of this.

The soothing effects of lavender have been appreciated by the ancient Romans, and the scent of lavender is still an important component of many cosmetic products. But only a few years ago, phyto research managed to secure an active ingredient with silexan from lavender oil that is suitable for the production of a modern phytopharmaceutical. The preparation is approved in Germany for the treatment of restlessness in the event of anxiety in adults from the age of 18.

As pharmacological studies have shown, it works by inhibiting the presynaptic calcium channels - similar to the synthetic active ingredient pregabalin approved for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder.

The effectiveness of the herbal medicine has been scientifically documented in several clinical studies. In comparison to placebo, Silexan was tested in a study with 216 patients suffering from the so-called "sub-syndrome fear". After ten weeks of therapy, both the depressive mood at the beginning and the impairment of sleep quality improved significantly more in the verum group than in the placebo group (Kasper, J. et al .: Int. Clin. Psychopharmacol. 2010; 25: 277-87).

The effectiveness of Silexan compared to the benzodiazepine lorazepam was investigated in a study with 77 patients who had generalized anxiety disorder. Taking the lavender oil preparation after six weeks of therapy had comparable positive effects as the benzodiazepine. (Woelk, H., Schläfke, S .: Phytomedicine 2010; 17: 94-9).

In contrast to benzodiazepines, the use of which can create a dependency after only one to two weeks, the herbal medicinal product is free from such a danger. An important argument, especially for minor complaints, which, however, can seriously affect the quality of life of the person concerned. (KFN 3/2013 - 14.05.2013)

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