Checks in the district of Cloppenburg due to bird flu

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Avian flu in six companies in the district of Cloppenburg

After a case of avian influenza (type H 7) became known in a turkey farm in Vechta on Wednesday, six farms in the district of Cloppenburg have now been identified that had contact with the affected farm on the day of the bird flu outbreak. According to the press office of the district, samples have already been taken, but the results are not yet available.

Cloppenburg County takes precautionary measures against possible spread of bird flu
As the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Lower Saxony announced on Wednesday, bird flu pathogens of the H7 type were found during self-checks by a company in Vechta. As a result, the district of Vechta had the affected company immediately closed and ordered the official examination of further samples that confirmed an infection with the pathogens. According to the ministry, around 11,000 farm animals have to be killed due to the risk of bird flu spreading. All necessary measures have already been initiated for the three turkey stocks in the Osnabrück district affected by a mild form of bird flu and one free-range hen farm in the Emsland district. In the two companies in the Osnabrück district, however, the measures could be lifted again in the meantime because the bird flu has already died out there.

Just a few weeks ago when the bird flu cases in Osnabrück became known, the samples in the district of Cloppenburg showed a negative result for H7. As the press spokesman for the district, Frank Beumker, announced, however, preparations are being made as a precaution against the risk of bird flu spreading from the Vechta district. "The events in the district of Vechta are followed very carefully," Beumker reported to the "Nordwest-Zeitung".

Bird flu H7 only dangerous for poultry The rather mild variant of bird flu H7 can be dangerous for poultry populations, but there is no danger for people in the affected districts. Only the human-pathogenic variant of bird flu H7N9, as is currently the case in China, can also affect humans. Those affected mostly showed the typical bird flu symptoms with fever and pneumonia. Avian flu was fatal to about 25 percent of those who were found to be infected. (ag)

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