Cervical spine syndrome: neck pain

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Warmth, high humidity and radon instead of medication

More than 80 percent of Germans suffer from back pain in the course of their lives. More and more common: complaints of pain in the cervical vertebrae. Often overused due to incorrect posture, especially sedentary activities stress the cervical spine. Neck pain that radiates in the shoulders and arms and sometimes even extends to the back of the head to the forehead are considered typical symptoms of the so-called cervical spine syndrome, in short: cervical spine syndrome. Hardened muscles next to the spine also severely restrict the mobility of the head. If symptoms persist for more than three months, specialists speak of a chronic cervical spine syndrome. Victims who refrain from drug pain therapy for fear of possible side effects should seek help in alternative measures such as cold and heat treatments or in therapies with radon.

Almost 18 million Germans work while seated, 20 percent of them feel burdened by it. Nevertheless, many do not do any sporting compensation to their professional activities. However, especially if the patient is spared, the symptoms may worsen. Physical activity promotes blood circulation and thus the removal of harmful substances and also ensures a better nutrient supply. Without movement, there is a never-ending cycle of pain, relief, aggravation of pain and further relief. "That's why pain relief should take place," warns Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen.

Radon heat therapy is an alternative to pain relievers for patients with cervical spine syndrome. Based on three factors - temperatures between 37.5 and 41.5 degrees, high humidity of over 70 percent and absorption of radon - a tropical, humid climate is created, which causes a therapeutic fever in the patient. "This increase in temperature is desirable because the blood vessels then widen, the blood flow increases and hardened, aching muscles relax," explains Dr. Hölzl. In addition, the slight overheating of the body improves radon absorption. In the organism, the noble gas releases mild alpha rays that do the job that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other medicines do: they relieve pain. They also stimulate cell repair mechanisms and activate healing and anti-inflammatory messengers. "In this way, patients confirm significant pain relief over several months and an improved general condition after a spa stay in the radon thermal tunnel," says Dr. Hölzl from experience. In addition, pain relief makes it easier for those affected to move and everyone can contribute to their freedom from pain every day. Around 90 percent of the costs of a cure in the radon thermal tunnel are covered by the health insurance companies. (pm)

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