Nutritional tip: carbonated pastries

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Nutritional tip: aerate flour and egg dishes

Some tips and tricks in the kitchen are not only very simple, they can also contribute to a low-calorie diet. A fluffy waffle batter or a particularly creamy quark dish can be made by adding a little carbonated water, so you can omit high-calorie cream curd.

A sip of mineral water in the dough Especially now during the holiday season, many people like to spoil themselves with delicacies at home. If you want to do something good with pancakes or waffles, you can make them fluffier by adding a sip of carbonated mineral water to the dough. According to the consumer information service aid in Bonn, the mass is looser. This trick would also be useful for other flour and egg dishes such as scrambled eggs or spaetzle dough.

Saving calories If you prefer creamy curd dishes, the sparkling water can help save calories. A little mineral water makes skimmed curd more airy and so you can do without the high-calorie cream curd and still get a very creamy mass. This serves a low-fat diet. Recipes for waffle or pancake batter, as well as delicious curd cheese dishes can be found on the Internet. (ad)

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