False reports about Mandela's dismissal

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False reports about Mandela's discharge: Nelson Mandela still in hospital

Former South African President Nelson Mandela continues to be hospitalized for lung disease. Reports of his release have been denied.

False reports The South African Presidential Office said that reports of Nelson Mandela's discharge from the hospital were wrong. Thus reports from the British broadcaster BBC and the British television broadcaster Sky have been denied that the Nobel Peace Prize winner has left the clinic in Pretoria and has returned to his home in Johannesburg. A few months ago, the German foreign broadcaster “Deutsche Welle” made an embarrassing blunder with the false report: Nelson Mandela would be dead.

Mandela's condition "critical but stable" The former South African president has been hospitalized since June 8 because of severe pneumonia. The South African Presidential Office announced on Saturday that the condition of the 95-year-old was still “critical but stable”. Mandela's condition temporarily destabilized, but he responded to medical treatment.

Always had breathing problems On July 18, his 95th birthday in South Africa and many other countries was celebrated with numerous actions and events. There have been numerous reports of changes in his health since his stay in hospital. The worst fears have so far not materialized, but the government has mostly failed to confirm good news. Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela had reported in early August that Nelson Mandela could breathe normally again. He had always had breathing problems and pneumonia also plagued him regularly, the ex-wife said. Even now, in old age, he struggles against it. Liquid had to be pumped out of his lungs constantly. (ad)

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