Warning of dangerous erectile dysfunction

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Dangerous trend towards overdosed potency drugs: Warning of dangerous potency drugs from the Internet

The Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, warns against sexual enhancers from the Internet. These are sometimes overdosed, so that massive side effects can occur.

Swiss authority warns The approval and control authority for medicinal products in Switzerland, the Swissmedic institute for therapeutic products, is warning against new sexual enhancers from the Internet. Especially with these remedies, many people shy away from going to the pharmacy and prefer to order the preparations online. But many of the erection promoters are sometimes deliberately and massively overdosed and therefore dangerous. For example, a pain reliever is often added to the products, but without a declaration. In addition, a strong overdose was declared and included in several agents.

Higher doses do not mean bigger erections. This year, Swiss customs have already confiscated around 300 consignments. Swissmedic analyzed every third in the laboratory. About three quarters of the preparations contained the wrong active ingredient or the declared active ingredient in too low or too high a dose. "The trend towards massive overdosing is new," said Swissmedic spokesman Daniel Lüthi. “Higher doses of erectile dysfunction do not automatically mean a bigger erection. Even worse: massive side effects can occur, such as cardiovascular complaints. "

Undeclared pain reliever According to Swissmedic, another unlikely find was the undeclared addition of diclofenac, a pain reliever with anti-inflammatory effects. If a patient is already taking this remedy, the additional intake can lead to serious health complications, such as gastrointestinal bleeding. The experts found Diclofenac among other things in products with the name "Nizagara". A large part of the counterfeit sexual enhancers originally came from Asia, but you can now also order them from online pharmacies in England or Canada.

Pay with your own health In Switzerland, orders for medicinal products from abroad are declining, but Lüthi still has cause for concern: "Consumers buy cheaper online, but may pay with their health." Swissmedic warns that Swiss population insistently on drugs from the Internet. In addition, the institute has informed the authorities of other countries about the new analysis results, so that dangerous drugs can also be dealt with internationally. (ad)

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