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The new health card will become mandatory in January 2014

As of January 1, 2014, insured persons must present the electronic health card with photo when visiting a doctor. "The validity of all old health insurance cards still in circulation ends - regardless of the limited date mentioned on it - on December 31st. 2013 “, reports Franziska Becher from the IKK classic. Patients who do not have the new chip card after the deadline must expect the doctor to issue them a private bill for the services provided.

Electronic health card replaced old health insurance card Currently, around 95 percent of the insured have received the new health card, on which not only patient master data but also further information such as prescribed medication or existing allergies could be stored in the future. The insurers themselves decide whether the health insurers offer the additional functions for their insured.

In order to apply for the electronic health card (eGK), the health insurance company needs a current passport photo of the insured person. In this way, misuse of the chip card is to be prevented. The passport photo requirement applies to all insured persons aged 15 and over. Only people who cannot take part in the photo creation themselves, like those in need of care, are exempt. Many cash registers offer the option of sending the photo either by post or digitally.

Anyone who does not provide their health insurance company with a photo in good time will have no proof of entitlement to medical services from January 1, 2014. "If a valid insurance certificate is not submitted within ten days of treatment, the doctor is entitled to issue a private bill and to request reimbursement. Reimbursement of these costs is complicated and involves considerable additional effort, ”explains Becher. (ag)

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