Over 170 cholera infections in Mexico

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More than 170 cholera cases in Mexico

The number of cholera cases in Mexico has now risen to 171. So far there has been one death.

Cases in multiple states As the country's health authorities said, the number of cholera cases in Mexico has now risen to 171. So far there has been one death. The state of Hidalgo north of the capital, Mexico City, was hit the hardest. However, cases from the states of Veracruz, Estado de Mexico, San Luis Potosi and the capital district have also been reported. 86 women and 85 men aged from three months to 88 years are affected. 70 percent of the patients could have been treated on an outpatient basis.

Cholera can be fatal
Every year between three and five million people worldwide develop cholera. The disease is a serious infectious disease that, if left untreated, can lead to the death of the person concerned. The disease is usually transmitted via contaminated water or food. Infected people get very severe diarrhea and the body loses an enormous amount of fluid. In 99 percent of cases, the disease is curable if the extreme water and salt loss is treated. Travelers could prevent this by drinking only boiled or bottled water. Fruit should be peeled and food cooked well. Frequent hand washing also reduces the risk of infection.

Government calls for preventive measures The cholera outbreak started after the storms in September. However, according to experts, there is little to suggest a connection, since no infection has been reported in the state of Guerrero, which was hit hardest by the tropical storms. According to the biotechnology professor Rodrigo Balam Muñoz Soto from the Institute of Technology in Monterrey, water imported from Haiti is suspected to be the source of the pathogen. However, there is no cause for greater concern. Based on the experience with the cholera pathogen from the 1990s, the Mexican authorities could prevent it from spreading to urban centers, said Muñoz Soto. However, the government has called on the population to take preventive measures. (ad)

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