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Chinese medicine helps the body to re-exercise immune behavior in Chron's disease

The symptoms begin to creep and often months or years pass until patients have a name for their suffering. Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Affected people suffer from severe abdominal cramps, accompanied by sometimes severe diarrhea, frequent nausea and fever.

Later, many patients are no longer able to participate in normal life: Frequent painful bowel movements during the day, cramps and headaches that are almost unbearable lead to complete exhaustion and exhaustion. Young people between the ages of twenty and thirty, in particular, develop Crohn's disease. Conventional medical therapy is mostly symptom-oriented: During an acute episode of illness, she relies on medications such as cortisone or anti-inflammatory drugs. Later there are only unsatisfactory solutions from a conventional medical point of view: chemotherapy and operations with an artificial intestinal exit. Since, according to the Chinese perspective, Crohn's disease is based on a malfunction of the immune system, it follows a causal approach to treatment.

"For us, the causes of Crohn's disease are so-called inflammation in the wrong place," says Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at Steigerwald. “The patient's immune system has saved an incorrect functional diagram. In the event of infections, poisoning or psychological stress, the body does not heal any remainders, that is, inflammation potentials that put a strain on the intestine. ”If this wrong reaction takes place over many years, minimal infections are usually sufficient to trigger the next surge of inflammation of Crohn's disease. "In Chinese therapy, we have to reorganize these misguided, habitually occurring immune reactions so that future mental and physical stresses are adequately absorbed," explains Dr. Schmincke. "Chinese medicinal therapy in particular helps the body to practice immune behavior again."

Medicinal therapy primarily requires an individually differentiating Chinese diagnosis. Thereafter, recipes from plants and parts of plants are prescribed, less often mineral natural substances or animal components. The most common form of preparation for medicinal products is decoction, the so-called decoction. For this purpose, the active ingredients are boiled for about half an hour, i.e. decoctioned, and consumed in small sips by the patient throughout the day. Acupuncture and manual methods such as shiatsu, tuina massage, cranio-sacral therapy or psychotonics have a supporting effect. On the one hand, such procedures help against pain, which often occurs in intestinal inflammation, on the other hand, they also have an immune-regulating effect. After an acupuncture treatment, for example, the bowel function calms down and the number of bowel movements decreases. Qigong also has positive effects on pain, internal tension and stabilizes immune activity. The last pillar of therapy is nutritional science based on Chinese principles. Vegetable-rich food with as little animal protein as possible is suitable for reducing inflammatory potential. (pm)

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