Recall: Salmonella germs in good & cheap muesli

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"Good & Cheap" nut muesli recalled for salmonella detection

Recall for "good & cheap" nut muesli because of possible salmonella contamination. The manufacturer "Flechtorfer Mühle Walter Thönebe GmbH" warned against eating the nut muesli (1,000 gram pack) with the best-before dates of February 15, 2014 and February 16, 2014. The "Gut & Günstig" nut muesli was offered by Marktkauf and Edeka .

In view of the possible health risk that could be associated with the intake of salmonella, a recall campaign for the nut muesli was started "for reasons of preventive consumer protection" and the goods were immediately removed from the market, according to the Edeka headquarters. “Customers who have bought the corresponding product can, of course, return it to their shops without a presentation of the sales receipt against reimbursement of the purchase price,” emphasized Edeka.

Risk of Salmonellosis After the contamination with Salmonella was found in an external control in a package of the "good & cheap" nut muesli, both the manufacturer and the retailer reacted immediately. Not without reason, because salmonella can cause so-called salmonellosis, which is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and severe diarrhea. Although the disease is usually over within a relatively short time (sometimes just a few hours, usually a few days), the course is usually extremely violent and associated with a massive loss of fluid. In rare cases, those affected also develop complications in the form of a systemic course of Salmonella infection. In addition to the symptoms mentioned, this is associated with fever and the risk of dehydration, which often requires treatment in a hospital. (fp)

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