Vegetarian food after gluttony

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Christmas gluttony: light fare after the holidays

Christmas is over, the old year is gone, but the bacon remains. Christmas treats from cookies to roasts have turned into hip gold. To get rid of the love handles, you should switch to light fare.

Gluttony at the end of the year The gluttony at the end of the year, from Christmas to New Year, creates a fright for many people at the beginning of the year. The various delicacies often not only caused a bloated belly during the festive season, but also turned into hip gold. There are numerous home remedies for bloating against a bloated belly, but in order to get rid of the bacon, you have to exert yourself a little more, for example by exercising or dieting. But it is difficult for most people to completely do without delicious things or even to follow a zero diet. It is advisable to rely on light food. The motto here is to eat less fat, more protein, enough vegetables and less sugar.

Protein instead of animal fats Marion Grillparzer, nutritionist and author (the all you can eat diet. Always full, always happy, always slim) from Munich is the first to cut animal fat from the menu and instead uses protein-based foods. She says: "No meat, no sausage, no roast, no cream." Instead, you can treat yourself to a filling protein with fish or tofu. Vegetable soups are also tasty and keep you full. “They stimulate the metabolism, they provide many nutrients per calorie, they warm,” says Grillparzer. The soups offer what is either fresh on the market or can be stored in winter: carrots, celery, leeks, parsnips, cabbage sprouts, kohlrabi, white cabbage, savoy cabbage. In addition, the protein content can be increased with legumes such as peas, beans and lentils. Grillparzer uses lupine schnitzel for the tofu insert or its previously unknown sister.

Pumpkin goulash with parsnip puree Siegfrid Wintgen from the Association of German Chefs (VKD) also processes winter vegetables, such as a light pumpkin goulash with parsnip puree. For this, a kilogram of pumpkin is diced, cooked in a broth made of vegetable broth, pumpkin peel and seeds until firm, tied with potato starch and seasoned strongly with cayenne pepper and salt. For the puree, Wintgen cooks four potatoes, sweat four parsnips in hazelnut oil, steam them in vegetable broth and puree the whole thing. Finally, season to taste with salt and finish with parsley. “Instead of parsnips, you can also use parsley roots. The dish also works with every pumpkin, ”says the kitchen master.

Counterpoint to the sweet Christmas food A counterpoint to the sweet Christmas food can also be set with a fiery vegetable chilli made from parsnips, turnips, leek and red or white beans, onions and chilli. It is seasoned spicy with salt, cumin and lemon zest. To go with it: a strong sourdough bread. There are numerous websites on the Internet with delicious and healthy vegetarian or vegan recipes.

Away from the long-term seducers Most people no longer feel an appetite for sweet or fatty foods immediately after the holidays. However, since the cookie plate is still on the table or there are leftovers from the festive roast in the fridge, they still grab it. That is why the motto is: Away from the permanent seducers! Nadine Röwe from the consumer information service aid in Bonn says: "Back to normality." Röwe's anti-love interest program begins before the holidays: "When baking and cooking, estimate the right amount, then there are fewer leftovers that have to be eaten afterwards For them, too, light food means switching to a higher protein content, because "it saturates better than carbohydrates and fat." In addition to low-fat milk, natural yogurt and low-fat curd are used, which are stretched with mineral water. This also makes desserts such as mascarpone cream easier to make. Instead of cream cake, fruit cake is placed on the coffee table.

Whole grain products for main dishes To save calories, it is also advisable to use crème fraîche, crème légère and sour cream instead of whipped cream. In addition, a glass of water before eating helps curb hunger and a light soup gives you a feeling of fullness. Röwe uses wholegrain products for main dishes wherever possible: "They make you feel full faster and longer and prevent the craving for sweets." Furthermore, leftover nuts from the serving plate can be used as an ingredient in a salad or in a natural yoghurt as a light snack. But in moderation, because nuts are high in calories. "A handful is enough," says Röwe.

Fruit and vegetable smoothy At Marion Grillparzer it starts to turn green after the holidays, at least on the breakfast table. For them, a fruit and vegetable smoothy is a good start to the day. Apple, banana, broccoli and wintry vegetables such as spinach, chard, field or endive salad are mixed with flax seeds and nuts to make a cocktail. "After a drink like this, the body feels that it has what it needs," says the nutritionist. Then the gluttony of the festive season is quickly forgotten. (ad)

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