Düsseldorf: Clinic closes due to fruit flies

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Hospital closes operating rooms due to fruit flies

Two operating theaters in a Düsseldorf clinic were closed for hygienic reasons. One area of ​​the operating theater was infested with fruit flies. Some operations had to be relocated to neighboring houses.

Problem already occurred in December Two of the five operating theaters in the St. Vincent Hospital in Düsseldorf were closed because they were infested with fruit flies. "The problem already occurred on December 22nd and we acted immediately and sealed and separated the affected areas. But that's a completely normal process, ”says Martin Layer, spokesman for the Association of Catholic Clinics in Düsseldorf (VKKD). "Although the situation was not dramatic due to the fly infestation, responsibility for our patients is of course our top priority."

Various measures taken The areas concerned were examined by hygiene experts from the hospital and an external company specializing in pest control. Various measures have now been taken. "We removed and cleaned the spouts in the entire OR area. We repeated this procedure several times to ensure that all insects were also removed, ”said Helmut Wenzel, hygiene officer at the clinic. In addition, the air conditioning and exhaust system was checked and UV insect traps were set up.

Origin of the flies so far unknown The origin of the small insects is still unknown. "We have a case like this for the first time. But there can be many reasons for this because you never get such a sensitive area 100 percent sterile. The flies could have been on a box, ”said the clinic spokesman. The mild weather also plays a role, since the flies can reproduce better. There was no health risk for patients.

No danger from this type of fly Even fly researcher Alf Herzig from the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology sees no danger. So far, no case is known in which pathogens have been transmitted by this type of fly. The head of the health department, Klaus Göbels, praised the behavior of the hospital after the discovery of the fly: "The hospital responded appropriately and quickly." It was important that hospitals "do not just cover up" such cases, but rather make them transparent and take all necessary steps to solve the problem seize.

From Monday back to normal operation Due to the closure of the operating rooms, some operations such as hip operations or operations on the gallbladder had to be postponed or relocated to neighboring houses in the past few days. “But only operations where that was medically justifiable. Emergencies were dealt with in the other rooms as usual, ”said shift. In addition, he can now give the all-clear. "The premises are constantly monitored and we are sure that all flies have been eliminated. If no further infestation is found at the weekend, the OR operation should start again as usual from Monday, ”said the VKKD spokesman. (ad)

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