Nationwide campaign: care on the ground

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Nationwide campaign: care on the ground

The "Care on the Ground" campaign took place in around 80 cities across Germany yesterday. The flash mob is intended to draw attention to the difficult conditions in the care industry.

Flash mob in 80 cities The "Care on the Ground" campaign took place yesterday in around 80 cities across Germany. With this flash mob, the organizers want to draw attention to the emergency in the care sector. They are calling on the legislator to reform the nursing policy, which should improve the situation for nurses, patients and relatives. The initiators complain of a shortage of labor, underpaid wages and low appreciation of the job. According to the activists, under these conditions work is becoming physically and psychologically more and more stressful.

Nursing emergency for 20 years During the campaign, the participants lay on the ground in public places in the different cities, often despite the bad weather, for ten minutes. The message of the nationwide campaign was aimed primarily at politicians: “The nursing staff are literally on the ground, because there has been a care emergency for over 20 years. The nurses demand that their situation and that of those in need of care should also be discussed in the coalition negotiations at the federal level. "

Do not upset lobby of hospital companies In Lübeck, where around 50 participants came together, organizer Arno Heyne told the Internet newspaper "": "We are the nursing people! And we go on the street. Politics creates framework conditions - and that's where it should start! There are laws for everyone, for example how far an awning may protrude over the sidewalk. But not how many nurses for the care of 30 dementia patients, eight ventilated intensive care patients or five premature babies at least need to be available, with appropriate qualifications. The head is pulled between the shoulders so as not to annoy the lobby of the hospital companies and the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. Care has so far always made everything possible, has almost never complained. Could be that changes now. "

Several thousand participants The nationwide flash mob was the fourth of its kind. In the two previous ones in November and December of the previous year, around 3,000 people in 60 and 70 cities, respectively, had flown to the ground. “Care on the ground” is, according to its own information, an association of people who work in care professions or caring relatives and people who care about care, independent of parties, unions and professional associations. (ad)

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