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Work can wait: cure diseases better

Diseases should be cured properly before workers return to work. But some go to work sick, partly for fear of losing their jobs, partly because nobody wants to put extra pressure on his colleague. This can sometimes lead to worse health consequences.

An innocent cold that has passed away can result in an inflammation of the heart muscle, for example, which is difficult for a doctor to diagnose. Those who find straining such as climbing stairs, walking or cleaning to be very exhausting should then consult their family doctor. Other signs may include chest or limb pain, heart stumbling and increased fatigue. An irregular heartbeat after a cold can also indicate an inflamed heart muscle. As a rule, the symptoms appear after a week or two, when a doctor should be consulted

Recovering from illnesses in peace Many people think that after four days the nose has stopped working and the throat is no longer painful, the cold is over. "I can only appeal to recovering myself in peace," explains family doctor Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld from Bremen opposite the "dpa". If you still want to go to work, you should definitely consult your family doctor beforehand.

Colds can also attack the lungs. This is the case when the disease has progressed so far that the branches in the lungs no longer function properly and this causes inflammation in the alveoli and bronchi. If nothing is done about it, pneumonia is not far off. Symptoms of severe cough, mild fever, and headache and body aches can be observed in the early stages.

After a runny nose, the branches of the lungs no longer function properly, pathogens can now spread undisturbed. But it is not only useful for you to cure the cold completely. This also spares the colleagues. You don't have to do a lot to protect yourself from the flu and cold. Exercise properly, a balanced diet - that includes a sufficient supply of vitamins and switching off from everyday stress from time to time can be enough. (fr)

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