Poster campaign for more organ donations starts

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After the scandal, poster campaign for more organ donations starts

The willingness to donate organs has steadily decreased in Germany since the transplant scandal. In the meantime, a new negative record has been reached. Now a poster campaign starts, which draws attention to the difficult lot of the waiting patients.

Nationwide poster campaign at train stations With a nationwide campaign, the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) “wants to finally give the patients on the waiting list a voice again.” From February to June, around 1,200 posters nationwide will be stuck at train stations and S- and U-Bahn stations as reported by the DSO and its related “Foundation for Life”. It should be achieved that more people find out about organ donation and fill out an organ donation card. This against the background of the drastically reduced willingness to donate organs.

New German negative record Donor numbers had plummeted as a result of the transplant scandal in Germany. Confidence in transplant medicine has been shaken overall. The preliminary figures for the 2013 Annual Report of the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) show that only 876 people who died in the past year donated organs. Compared to the past 23 years, this represents a new negative record for the Federal Republic.

New rules for organ donation The situation is precarious for the approximately 11,000 patients who are currently waiting for a donor organ. Because three people die every day while waiting for a donor organ. Against this background, it is to be hoped that the new regulation of organ donation will be successful. The statutory health insurance companies were obliged to check the readiness for organ donation of their insured persons every two years.

On the waiting list for eight years The focus of the DSO poster campaign is on behalf of the 11,000 patients on the waiting list, three young people who have been waiting for donor organs for years. Michael Stapf, one of the three campaign faces, says: “I want to shake people up and show what waiting really means. Waiting eight years is different from waiting a few minutes for the subway. ”The 28-year-old has been on the waiting list for a donor kidney for eight years. (sb)

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