Danger: E-shisha popular with teenagers

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Beware of hookahs: experts warn of the e-shisha trend

E-shisha are currently very popular among students. In contrast to e-cigarettes, the electronic hookahs are not subject to the regulations for the protection of minors. However, experts advise against the consumption of colored pipes. On the one hand, they encouraged young people to smoke, on the other hand, they contained substances that were harmful to health, according to the experts.

No scientifically-based studies on the health risk of e-shishas have yet been particularly popular with schoolchildren. However, experts warn of the colorful hookahs. "The e-shishas bring children and teenagers closer to smoking," Oliver Müller-Maar from the drug department of the city of Frankfurt told the news agency "dpa". "They lower the inhibition threshold for smoking shishas and cigarettes," Daniela Hubloher from the Hessen Consumer Center also confirmed to the agency. The liquid vaporizers are available in numerous flavors such as chocolate, bubble gum or strawberry. According to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), there is no age limit when buying or consuming e-shishas because they are not subject to the Youth Protection Act.

Since the products are relatively new, there is still no detailed scientific knowledge on the health risk of electronic hookahs, reports Prof. Elisabeth Pott, director of the BZgA. Similar to e-cigarettes, there are health concerns regarding the ingredients of the liquids. For example, despite different declarations, some shishas contained nicotine. "This can very quickly become addictive and lead to health damage," the authority informs.

“What evaporates there varies a lot, depending on the manufacturer,” explains Müller-Maar. In addition to nicotine, many liquids contain propylene glycol, which can cause respiratory irritation and allergies. "As long as no independent analysis of the ingredients and the inhaled vapors shows that the products are harmless to health - also with regard to long-term use - the BZgA advises against the consumption of e-shishas. In particular, these products do not belong in the hands of children and adolescents, ”Pott concluded. "And they are also expensive," adds Hubloher. (ag)

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