It makes sense to shake and brush when brushing your teeth

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Vibration technology with shaking and subsequent brushing recommended

Shaking and then brushing with gentle pressure from the gums towards the teeth is sufficient for brushing your teeth, reports the Initiative ProDente e.V. in its current press release. "Heavy scrubbing and side and side brushing with too much pressure will not effectively remove the plaque and the teeth will lose substance in the long run," the initiative continues.

Anyone who "uses the wrong technology or simply scrubs on it can cause permanent damage", reports the joint initiative of the German Dental Association (BZÄK), the Free Association of German Dentists (FVDZ), the Association of German Dental Technicians' Guilds (VDZI), of the Association of the German Dental Industry (VDDI) and the Federal Association of Dental Trade (BVD). In order to maintain healthy teeth, the so-called “vibration technique” is recommended here, in which the toothbrush is placed at a 45 degree angle on the gumline and gently shaken. "Then you brush the brush gently from your gums towards your teeth," reports ProDente. It was important to “proceed systematically tooth by tooth: first the rows of teeth outside, then the rows of teeth inside and finally the occlusal surfaces.”

Use toothpaste with sufficient fluoride - in addition to the brushing technique, the duration and regularity are of major importance when brushing teeth. According to ProDente, teeth should be brushed at least twice a day for three minutes. This does not sound long, but is often not adhered to. An hourglass can help to observe the three-minute rule. With many electric toothbrushes, an integrated timer makes compliance easier. The toothpaste was said to contain sufficient fluoride (1,500 ppm). Because "regular brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride makes tooth enamel more resistant to acid attacks" and "the fluoride compounds in toothpastes have made a considerable, demonstrable contribution to the decline in caries over the past few decades," according to ProDente. A comparable effect was not proven for any other ingredient.

Pay attention to cleaning the interdental spaces Not only is tooth brushing important for dental health, but the interdental spaces should also be cleaned thoroughly with dental floss once a day, reports the initiative. Here, unwaxed dental floss has the best cleaning effect, but is sometimes somewhat more difficult to handle than waxed dental floss. According to ProDente, special aids such as thick rafts or interdental brushes are used for bridges or larger interdental spaces. "The regular use of dental floss, floss and Co. contributes decisively to dental health", since it can prevent the development of tooth decay and periodontitis, the message of the initiative. (fp)

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