AIDS: Doctors hope for breakthrough in therapy

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Doctors have hope for breakthrough in AIDS therapy

Doctors hope that the AIDS virus HIV will soon be completely defeated. A Munich doctor said that curing AIDS is "a perspective".

Healing AIDS "a perspective" Doctors hope that they will soon be able to completely defeat the AIDS virus HIV. As the Munich internist and AIDS specialist Hans Jäger told the news magazine Focus, the cure for AIDS is "a perspective". The background to the optimism is a report from the beginning of March in the USA about an HIV-positive baby of an infected woman. The pathogen was no longer detectable in the child's blood after therapy with medication. According to Jäger, there are approximately 20 cases worldwide in which infected people have apparently lost the virus again. Most of them would respond unusually well to AIDS medication.

Hope-giving experiments should be presented soon Hans Jäger is part of the congress management of the 15th conference "AIDS and Hepatitis Days", which takes place in Munich from March 21 to 23. According to Focus information, the virologist Marcus Altfeld will present hope-making ape experiments at the conference. The animals are given an antibody, which is supposed to spur their immune system to remove the viruses. Altfeld told Focus that the principle was “therapeutic vaccination”.

The most exciting thing from HIV prevention studies Just a few days ago, headlines such as "AIDS virus: syringe should protect against HIV" made the rounds. Scientists from Rockefeller University in New York tested the active ingredient GSK744, which is similar to the recently approved HIV drug dolutegravir, on macaques and achieved amazing results. Although the animals also received pathogens, the researchers found no infection in the following weeks. Robert Grant of the University of California at San Francisco, a virologist who was not involved in the study, said: "This is the most exciting thing I know of from HIV prevention studies." (Sb)

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