Herbal medicinal products not at SHI costs

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Traditional herbal medicines are not at the SHI cost

According to the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), traditional herbal medicines will no longer be reimbursed at the expense of statutory health insurance (GKV).

The G-BA demands that the group of traditional herbal medicines can no longer be reimbursed by the SHI. In addition to the traditionally used medicinal products, they should also be listed in Annex III No. 19 of the Medicinal Products Directive. The paragraph regulates the prescription restrictions and exclusions. The comment process on this is already underway.

There is a special simplified registration procedure for traditional herbal medicinal products. From the G-BA's point of view, a corresponding clarification is required to the effect that approval cannot be granted for registered herbal traditional medicinal products and that these medicinal products therefore do not meet the minimum quality and safety requirements for the pharmaceutical supply of the insured (Section 31 (1) sentence 1 SGB ​​V). They should therefore be excluded from the supply. (pm)

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